Welcome to our client page. From here you can download the latest updates to our software, download utility programs and access useful help files. It is strongly recommended that you call Micro Management before downloading any files so that we can properly instruct you as to their use and placement.
T933.ZIP (545K) Micro Residential Real Estate System, Version 9.33
Guide.zip (358K) Reference Manual for above (PDF format).
RLEASE.zip (35K) Latest version of lease renewals.
Adobe Acrobat Free Reader (5.5 MB) Program to read reference manual.
compaq.exe (34K) Patches for fixing problems with certain Compaq and Dell computers.
Compress.zip (17K) Places laser printer into compress print mode.
rcash.exe (40K) Allows taking in cash on a shared printer.
mfddme13.zip (11K) DOS mode patch for Windows ME
dcom95.exe (1200K)  
mdac_typ.exe (7700K) ODBC Drivers for Windows 95
User Manual (3.5mb) Windows User Manual.

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Last Updated 7/07/04


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