Our Company

Micro Management, LTD was founded in 1978 to provide a way for property managers in the greater New York City area to run their companies more efficiently. During this period, the mainstream personal computer (PC) was still three years away and most small offices were still being run manually.  It was quite a revolution in building management to be able to track tenants and building moneys through a powerful, yet easy to use computer program.

Since then, our program has been refined to be an extremely robust and powerful package that gives landlords exactly the tools they need to run their business.  It has been designed to satisfy the needs of property managers, owners, accountants, and attorneys.


In 1998 we opened up a satellite office in Amherst, Massachusetts, a region with a bounty of rental properties catering to a large population of students and academic support staff. Our software allows property managers to efficiently handle the high volume and rapid turnover of the area, and to keep on top of their expense and revenue stream so they can realize a greater profit.

Micro Management is not an "off the shelf" product that we sell and leave the customer to learn by reading a manual. Rather, it is part of a comprehensive "hand holding" package that includes...

  • Installation, both local and networked

  • On-site training of all your staff

  • Data conversion assistance

  • Toll-free number for telephone support

Because we provide such a high degree of personal service, we only market our software to property managers who are in the greater New York City area or in New England.

The People

Nat Rothenberg, Founder and President

Paul Rothenberg, Senior Vice President



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